My journey started in February 2013 when I found a letter addressed to me that I was never intended to find.  It started out by saying, "If I never get a chance to tell you...."  In this letter written by one of my twins, Aaron, he revealed that he was gay.  I felt as if my heart had stopped beating.  I have always been very close to my three boys and I did not want this newfound information to come between our relationship.  For three months I prayed, fasted and tried to research everything I could get my hands on.  After I finally shared with Aaron that I knew and assured him of my love for him and that I would stand with him even though I didn't fully understand nor at this time even agreed with everything, Austin (his twin) felt safe to come out as well.  What I found, as I prayed for God to speak to my boys and change their hearts, was that God began to speak to me and transformed my heart and mind. 

Aaron & Austin moved to LA in July of 2014 to pursue a YouTube channel and modeling.  In January of 2015 they uploaded a video that has changed their lives along with mine.  They had a viral coming out video to their father.  The video has over 25 million views and it has helped others gain courage and hope for their lives.  Here is the link to the video: 

In April 2015 I received a text from a friend that knew my heart and passion for young people and the LGBTQ community.  In this text he asked if I knew of any resources for a young man, a senior in high school, that after coming out to his parents he had to move out.  My heart broke for this young man that I didn't even know but through this brokenness Love on a Mission was birthed.

Love on a Mission is a non-profit organization that is creating a safe place for LGBTQ youth in our community to feel unconditionally loved and accepted for being their authentic selves.  We are currently meeting once a month to offer support, advocacy and education.  Our goal is to have our own facility and also have available an emergency bed shelter for those that find themselves homeless after coming out to their families.