My journey started in February 2013 when I found a letter addressed to me that I was never intended to find.  It started out by saying, "If I never get a chance to tell you...."  In this letter written by one of my twins, Aaron, he revealed that he was gay.  I felt as if my heart had stopped beating.  I have always been very close to my three boys and I did not want this newfound information to come between our relationship.  For three months I prayed, fasted and tried to research everything I could get my hands on.  After I finally shared with Aaron that I knew and assured him of my love for him and that I would stand with him even though I didn't fully understand nor at this time even agreed with everything, Austin (his twin) felt safe to come out as well.  What I found, as I prayed for God to speak to my boys and change their hearts, was that God began to speak to me and transformed my heart and mind. 

Aaron & Austin moved to LA in July of 2014 to pursue a YouTube channel and modeling.  In January of 2015, they uploaded a video that has changed their lives along with mine.  They had a viral coming out video to their father.  The video has over 25 million views and it has helped others gain courage and hope for their lives.